In this series of photographs, photographer Lena Manakai & stylist Vasilisa Gusarova have created slightly surreal, futuristic images, showing possible transformation of contemporary characters into their future forms.
Every moment of our lives we have to make choices and decisions. We live in a continuous stream of ambivalence, doubts, reflections, hopes, and regrets. These feelings appear on human faces like ripples on water: realistic, chaotic and non-symmetric. Ambivalence is dynamic and ever-changing, and contains limitless possibilities. In order viagra contrast, a life and a face without doubts and uncertainty are symmetric, perfect, and complete.
Borrowing from current trends in plastic surgery, constant photo retouch, glossy aesthetics and the general pursuit of perfection, this project explores the symmetry of doubtless forms. The authors construct the unified characters – the ideal forms of future personality. These characters are something in between the ancient gods and superb hi-tech gadgets on the market. They’re illusory inhabitants of New Atlantis — the fantasy world without pain, doubts, and ugliness.